The Place I Crave To Be

The love I have for you is a feeling I have never had with another. When our bodies come together it feels like a dance a rythm a magical entwined union something so amazing an energy like no other.


Your kiss is felt throughout my whole body thats sends waves of energy that sends me to a whole other dimension.  I crave you everyday to be sent to that magical place.  A place that is familiar and not of here you remind me of home.  You are home you are me the place I crave to be.

My Love For Him Are Words Unspoken

He wants me here and not there.  He wants me there and not here.  My life is a whirlwind confused by so much.  I would'nt have it any other way the confusion brings me clarity day by day.


The more that unfolds the more I see as gently whispers falling through a breeze.  He is more of me than I am of me.  The soft spoken melody of dreams we see.  My love for him are words unspoken the feel of and endless ocean.

The Beautiful Dream She Holds


She is a queen a goddess a beautiful dream.  He is a king a god a strong force unseen.


He is blinded by fear and sadness in a wake of his madness.


She nurtures and loves and cares untold.


He is so obsessed and feeling so bold that he can't quite comprehend the true love that unfolds.


I hope he wakes soon to feel the love untold and awaken to the beautiful dream she holds.


A Magical World Waiting For Me

To look up at the stars and see what I see a magical world waiting for me.


A magical mystical place that leaves me breathlessthat no one can take.


A feeling of love and bliss for eternity sake.


The tranquility of peace and harmony awaits.


To free our soul in this conscious state a magical wonderland is ours to create.

What He Sees In Me

He guides me to bliss and strengthens me.  He is not what I see.


What I see is a man as precious as gold gives me a feeling so untold.


I cherish him more than he can see for he is the one that holds the key.


He is strong and oh so full of charm and he has me coming and going to my alarm.


If I stop stand still and listen to the voice of a man with such wisdom.


So he can show me what he sees in me is as precious as gold and give him a feeling so untold.


A beautiful feeling of oneness and whole is what he sees in me.

The Other Half Of Me I See

He is me I am him he is part of me he is my twin


He shows me things I don't want to see.  He cares for and strengthens me.


I am stubborn I rebel I kick and scream and cause lots of pain for him to see.


He has a special love for me of truth clarity and love untamed that will never go away.


I am thankful for the other half of me I see.

Love You For Eternity

Do you feel what I feel? Do you see what I see? Look how much you have a hold of me.  It's an unchanged melody can you see?  Do you even know how much you mean to me?


You mean more than you can conceive.  You have a piece of me you can never be taken back.  A piece of me you should hold so gentle like glass.


I trusted you with that sacred part of me to hold and to cherish for eternity.  Please do not let me downor regret letting you in my sacred spaceto love you for eternity with vigor and grace.



As The Sun Kisses My Face

I'm standing in such a magical place on the beach watching the ocean as the sun kisses my face.


Thoughts of you enter me as the ocean breeze flows through me.


A touch a kiss a gentle whisper sending me into pure bliss.  With a love that is amazing that only you can awake in me as the sun kisses my face.



He So Amazes Me

He has a face a face only I know.  It's in his eyes in his soul.  Most people will never know.  He so amazes me.


He is in my heart he is in my soul for this I will always know.  Some people wonder what I see but he so amazes me.


He is the one the one I know for all eternity.  He is the one I know for he is the one who makes me grow with a love that only he can show.  He so amazes me.