8 Ways To Manifest the Life You Dreamed of

If you knew how powerful your thoughts were you would never think a negative thought again. Most people get caught up in their thoughts and are unable to attain the life that they desire. The day to day things just get in the way more and more and you are frustrated to no end. The more you think about the bills and not having enough money the more bills you acquire. You pray for the madness to stop but it keeps coming full force. Did you know that your thoughts are creating your future? Did you know the thought waves you are sending out are actually asking for more of what you do not want. The universe does not know the difference between wanting and not wanting. The universe feels if you are giving thought it is something you want and grants your every wish. Today I am going to show you 8 ways that you can manifest the life you have dreamed of.


  1. Gratitude


Show gratitude for everything and everyone you have in your life. Gratitude is one one the things we often leave out and it is one of the most important steps in manifestation. So if you are thinking I do not like where I live and try to manifest from there you will be going the wrong direction and just getting more of what you do not want. When you show gratitude for the things you already have it opens the door for more to come through.


  1. Visualize


You need to visualize what you wish to manifest, what you long for. Your thoughts and visions have a creative force behind them so it is important to envision a clear picture of what you are desiring to attract into your life. Be specific as to what you want. The universe is waiting for you to create so it can bring into existence exactly what aspire to have. When you are visualizing make sure you are in the now like it has already happened. This is a very important step!


  1. Vibration


Your vibration is what sets the tone for manifestation. Like attracts like. If you are vibrating high you are emitting love, happiness and fulfillment. If you are vibrating low you are emitting anger, sadness and despair. So we always need to be mindful of the energy we are carrying from moment to moment. We want to vibrate high and feel the energy in our stomach as it rises to our heart as we pulsate the energy. Feel it, be it!


  1. Eliminate


Get rid of what no longer serves you. It is difficult to manifest something new when you are hanging onto the old. We want to move into the present and leave the past behind.


  1. Affirmations


When you affirm something you are actually acknowledging it to be authentic. With repeating affirmations you are setting an intention for the universe to fulfill your wish. Daily repetition affords that you are purposefully creating your future. Some examples of affirmations are as follows.


~ I am open to receive abundance from the universe

~ I manifest my deepest desires daily

~ My dreams are coming to fruition

~ I am raising my vibration daily and manifesting what I desire

~ I am the creator of my experience

~ Everyday I am moving towards my goals

~ I am confident and successful


These are just a few examples to get you started.


  1. No Doubt


You want to release any fears or the thought that you cannot have what you are yearning for. Believe that you can have anything your heart desires without a doubt. It is so much easier to swim with the current rather than swimming upstream. In order to achieve this you need stop thinking analytically and start feeling with your heart.


  1. Receive


Ask and you shall receive. Be open to receive and make sure it is what you want. Know that you are deserving to receive. This will open the door to abundance and allow you to manifest quickly with ease.


  1. Dream


It is time to start dreaming big. It is time for you to manifest the life you have always wanted to live. There is nothing holding you back you are a creator and this is what you came here to do. You had to be a master at manifesting before you incarnated and it is time for you to remember who you are and how to attain the life you want to live to be the example you set out to be.


If you follow these eight easy steps you should be well on your way to manifesting anything you want. The power is in your hands and it is time to create. Have fun and live.



Blessings Theresa Duvauchelle

Bio Theresa

Hello my name is Theresa Duvauchelle with Starseed Therapy. I offer a wide range of holistic services that are unique and personalized just for you. I am here to help assist you In healing whether it be physical, mental or emotional. I love helping people to feel their best and assisting to remove the blocks and barriers they may have in their way. I have many tools and resources to aid in making positive life changes to help get your life back on track in the most harmonious way possible. I provide hypnotherapy, Reiki, holistic life coaching and aromatherapy.

Healing Relationships Through Reiki

In order for us to have healthy relationships we need to start with ourselves.  To go within and clear away any blockages we may have.  Some of these blockages can even be from other lifetimes.  If we do not do the work these issues will show up in our relationships and mirror what we need to work on.  Sometimes we think it is time to start over fresh and move to a whole new city with new friends, new job and maybe even finding the "one"  only to find that the same issues are still present. Same people different faces with the same issues still surfacing.  With a Reiki session we can clear past and future karmas and release the blockages that are holding us back from having successful relationships.  It is time to stop the cycle and have the loving relationships you deserve and shine as the true loving essence you truly are.


Theresa <3

Angel On Earth 

The Love I have For Me

As lightworkers we have so many emotions that are felt throughout the day.  We feel on so many levels it is unreal at times.  Last night I was receiving a call from a client and we kept missing each other.  We both had a lot going on.  Then all of a sudden this wave of emotion hit me and I started to write.  When we came here we took on a lot of responsibility not only for ourselves but as a service to others as well.  Sometimes the emotions can be intense.   We have to find a way to channel this emotion to find the message that it holds then transmute any negative energy to a positive loving energy.  It takes dedication and focus.  We need to breathe and quiet our mind.  Once you quiet the mind you can start to feel.  Feel the emotion and energies that are coming to you.  Listen your guides are assisting you on every level.  

The message this time was where do we find love and fulfillment.  There is no person or thing out there that can make us happy or give us the love we need.  It is always an inside job. The client said she felt angered at everyone around her.  She tried calling relatives with no response.  She felt very alone and more and more in despair.  Then she tried to call me and we could never connect.  She then started to question why am I even here?  Her mind started wondering and thought is this how god felt with Satan.  Soon after she looked up and seen the number 666.  She thought yep just what I thought Satan is after me.  He is trying to make me feel all this anger he is bringing me down.  She said enough is enough, I'm going to bed.  When we are having that hard of a time sometimes the best thing to do is sleep.  We need a reset and for her it was sleep.  

The next morning she had called and said she had one of the roughest nights in a long time. She explained what had happened.  I said let me read to you a poem that I had wrote last night.  This was the emotion I was feeling from you: 

                           No one knows my pain.  The way I cry for days.

             They see my perfect smile that takes everyone's sadness away.  

       No one ever sees the pain behind my smile nor the sadness in my laughter.

   They see caring eyes and a healing heart thinking I'm living my happily ever after.

                    I'm just like you you see... with no one to help but me.

                             So I will go see, see the reflection of me.

                  There I will find all I need, it is the LOVE I have for ME.

I proceeded to tell her that we have to forget everything we have been taught.  The bible over the years has been changed for manipulation and control.  We came to this lower vibrational planet to anchor the light.  The Satan that she is referring to is a dark aspect of herself.  The 666 was an angel message for her.  It is an indication that her thoughts were out of balance and to focus on her inner spirituality and divine life purpose and soul mission, rather on earthly material concerns.  

She was amazed by all that I had to tell her.  We all have to remember to stay grounded and look within and watch for messages from our guides.  They love us more than we could ever imagine and are always here to help.  Make sure we are taking care of ourselves first.  We cannot help others if we are lacking ourselves.  You have all the love you need it has been inside you all along.

Love and healing Light Theresa  

Live Every Moment In The Now Be Fearless

I was having a conversation a friend  few days ago. They just came back from a trip to the ocean. I asked what were you thinking about while you were at the ocean? I was curious because all of the beauty and nature that surrounds you. The thing I think most people do when they get to such a beautiful place is the majority of people go there and reflect and wait for answers to come to them. She said how am I going to achieve my next goal? I asked how close do you think you are to achieving that goal?  At the moment it seems unattainable. Yes it does and it will until you change how you perceive things and how you manifest your next desire.  Do you want to know why?  Tomorrow never comes all we have is NOW.  If your thoughts are always in the future, that is all they are going to be is a future desire.  You can sometimes manifest by default and when you manifest by default it is usually associated  with fear. When fear is involved it is  a low vibration and nothing turns out right. Yes we got that one thing we wanted but now everything is out of balance.  We have just manifested by default and  then we have to do damage control.  At this stage of things we are further and further from where we want to be.  Its the age old saying one step forward and two steps back. 

To have what we want we need to do it from a place of love and everything will fall into place. When we are at the ocean feel the sand beneath your feet and ground yourself there.  Feel the sun shine against your face, listen to the waves crash against the shore and smell the salt in the air.  Be present in that moment, love every minute and raise your vibration.  At that time we can manifest anything we desire.  Think of what you want and feel it in your heart chakra. Give as much love and excitement in the knowing that you have what you want before it comes into your experience.  After that be very grateful for everything you have in your life and that all your needs are met. 

Sometimes we get so off track and so far behind that we cannot see a good outcome.  This is where we need to reset our mind.  We need to be at a high vibrational place again.  There are several ways to achieve this.  Watch a funny move, laughing is a great way to raise our vibration.  Walking in nature and meditation, taking everything in and being in that moment.  Turn on music and dance, feel the music through your soul.  Get your family together and play a board game, something fun and silly like charades.  

Be present and love love love.

Sending Love and Healing Light Theresa

The Key To Our Mastery LOVE

This 3D world we are living in is nothing but an illusion.  We have to REMEMBER we are masters. There is nobody that will do it for us, we have to go within to find the key to our MASTERY.  The key to our illusion is LOVE.

There are only two emotions that are on either end of the scale.  FEAR is at the lowest end with a very low vibration and LOVE is at the highest end with a very high vibration.  Fear feeds the illusion and you see everything at face value.  Everything is not what it seems to be. The chair we sit in, the street we stand on and everything around us is all a vibration that is controlled by our thoughts.  We have been conditioned through school, media and belief systems.  When we feel fear we are in our head with our analytical thoughts.  We worry about the future with all of the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and prophecy's surrounding this day and age.  Again I am reminded of our mastery skills of how powerful we really are.  We cannot think about what has happened in the past or worry about our future.  We are creating our own timeline with every second we are breathing.  We do not have to be what we have been nor what somebody else has foreseen.  These are amazing times and why we chose to be present during this wonderful event that is taking place.  This is the events of all events so lets make it as spectacular as we can.  This is why there is no  time frame or knowledge of when or what is going ho happen.  We are creating it as we go.  Is that the most incredible thought ever? We can construct earth as we want it to be as a collective.  

Now lets bring ourselves out of our fear based mentality and start feeling with our hearts to illuminate Love from the core of our being.  In order to do this just sit quietly, feel the love from our heart center and with every breath you take let the love within you to get bigger and bigger as you feel it overflow to your aura. Send the love out to the far reaches of the cosmos.  It is also good to do this before you leave the house for the day.  As you walk in public every person around you will be affected by the love your illuminating from within.  Lets create the world we want live in with a smooth transition to New Earth.

Love and Light Theresa 

Mercury Retrograde Time To Reevaluate

Mercury Retrograde! Lots of people dread this time.  I did at one time as well.  Then as I am getting ready for the day I feel happiness rush through me and I smile.  Re = re-evaluate and lets us reevaluate every aspect of our lives.  I have said this many times over the years that nothing is ever written in stone.  I love that!!!  I am a very strong and independent person who is in touch with the god/goddess within me. I never stray from my truth.  I will give anything and everything a try and if it does not fit I just adjust what I am doing and let my heart guide me. I am evolving and changing daily and feels amazing.  If there is no change life becomes stagnant and who wants to live like that.  Some people have told me I live through you because you have no fear.  You do all of the things I am afraid to do.  Please stop living that way and push the limits! Everything you want is on the other Side of Fear. Live your passion! 

Limiting Beliefs and Changing from The Caterpillar to the Beautiful Butterfly

How are you feeling?  How do you want to feel?  We have the ability to be and feel young and full of life at any age!  Sometimes we need to be reminded our thoughts create our future.  How many of us go back to our limiting beliefs because that is what we are taught? Oh my goodness I am at that age where I am going to need reading glasses.  Really??? Who put that thought in our heads?  Change your thoughts, change your future.  I was told recently by an optometrist that everyone at your age needs reading glasses and that there is only 1% of people that do not.  I smiled and said well I'm the 1%.  I do not believe at a certain age things are just going to stop working and that life is over.  We just started living.  We need to practice this type of thinking in every area of our lives.  Forget everything you were ever taught and start creating a new and improved you!

Albert Einstein stated "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age of 18."  Most of our beliefs are created by the time we reach 18 but it should not stop there.  As we grow our beliefs should change and evolve.  Some people are so afraid of change they hold themselves back.  The time is now to step out of the box and question everything you were taught.  Change is here whether we want it or not.  The only reason we don't want change  is because it is scary  and we have been doing it for so long we are use to it.  It is easier to do something we are familiar with even if it gives us pain or discomfort.The more you swim upstream the harder life gets. Once you get past the fear of things we and life becomes so much more beautiful. Create the life you want and take a look at what is holding you back from being the person you want to be.  Go from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.  
Love and Light Theresa 

Keeping Your Vibration High Throughout the Day

I bet most of us have never given thought to receiving a low vibration throughout the day.  You wake up in the morning and meditate first thing when you wake up, vibrating high.  Everything is great and your having an awesome day.  Then all of a sudden you go to lunch and it seems the whole world has lost its mind.  Then you begin to think I started the day off with my meditation vibrating high.  Traffic was amazing, cars just moved out of my way.  My parking spot by the door was available.  People were in such good moods, happy go lucky and not a care in the world.  When we vibrate at a high frequency only those that are vibrating at our level can come into our experience.  Now everything in the world is upside down.  Driving back from lunch traffic was crazy, I had to park a mile from work and everyone is bitching about someone or something. 


I am guessing that you never thought that the food you ate for lunch could actually lower your vibration.  Where the food came from and even how the food was prepared can determine the vibration of the food.  The meat that comes from a slaughterhouse that has overpopulated stalls with animals wall to wall in dark environments that were raised to slaughter so inhumanly.  It is so sad in today's society that we as humans have become so desensitized and cruel as to just make numbers and money that we forget what it is like to be a loving member of the universe.  To care for one another and all the inhabitants of earth.  There is a huge difference in how these animals should be cared for and treated to raise the vibration of each living thing on earth.  The animals need plenty of room to roam, to graze,and to sunbathe.  When it is time to prepare them for food it needs to be humane and with love.  When you buy food you should always find out where it came from unless you want the karmatic consequences that come from buying a low vibrational food.  We have to make the changes to our lifestyles if we want to see change, it starts with us.


Love and Light Theresa

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Beautiful mother's! In celebration of Mother's Day we are reminded of one on the most important triats that a mother's love entails.  Unconditional love.  May we remember this wonderful love that we all have within us and apply it to every person we come in contact with. We all have loving that is deep within us, a loving that is of a mother's love.  We all need to reevaluate this love that we have and not just limit it to our families.  We need to open our arms and our hearts and give compassion and unconditional love everywhere it is needed. We are the chang we are seeking.


Love and light Theresa

Day after day we continue to get the same results over and over again.  Not realizing that the very things we are thinking about is what is holding us back.  If you really knew what powerful beings we are you would never think a negative thought again. I just spoke to a person about this very situation.  I am sitting in Starbucks on my computer and this guy comes in and says it never fails.  Everey time I come here I have to wait for the restroom.  I smile at him and say of course you do because you believe that will happen and it does.  Remember a belief is a thought we keep thinking.  Change your thoughts change your life.  I told him starting today you need to start telling a different story.  He said I don't have time for that.  I said but you have time to wait for the restroom and he smiled.  I said as you are driving imagine exactly what you want to happen.  You pull up park right next to the door, you walk to the restroom and go right in.  You make your way to the counter and order your favorite drink with no line.  Then your off diving in flowing traffic with ease.  You will be amazed once you start changing the way you think.  Pretty soon it will be all you know.  He said do you have a card :) yes I do.  Before I came to Starbucks I asked for people to come up to me that needed guidance to a new way of thinking and He was new client number three.  What can you create today?


Love and Light Theresa

Today I would like to talk about our individual soul contracts and how interfering with someone's life can hold so many people back.  Not just the person you "think" you are protecting.  It is a domino effect and could affect many lives and not just your own.  I do realize you do this out of love and to protect the person that you care about from making mistakes but that is how we learn and grow on a soul level.


We feel like we are helping but on the contrary we are actually doing the opposite.  We are holding back the one we love.  If you want to help the best thing you you can do is love, send love and be love to the person, person's or situation.  If you are unable to do any of these things maybe you need to walk away and remove yourself for a little while.  It is not an easy thing to do but must be done for the good of all.


Sometimes people spend many lifetimes trying to get a certain lesson right.  Let's not help them prolong their soul's journey.  This may also be part of your lesson, trust in the divine.  Let's love and be love there is no other way.  Once we all realize and accept this the world will be a much happier place. 


Let go of trying to control every situation around you.  It is so exhausting and energy draining.  Live and let live.  When you try to control you are feeding fear and that in turn feeds the dark energies.  Let go and surrender you will find it is so much easier to live life.  Swimming upstream is the hardest thing to do.  Let go swim with the current and see how much fun life can really be.


Love and Light Theresa

This is a quite confusing time for light workers.  Many are facing financial hardships and are not sure why.  Ask and you shall receive right? The law of attraction our thoughts create our future right? As light workers we take on a little different roll.  We are not always going to get theses things at this point in time. We still have a little bit of the of the old belief system we need to shed.  What we think we need to survive and what we need to survive and live comfortably are two different things.  We are the catalyst and are leading the way from fear to love so we will be experiencing all of these things first.  We need to experience this to know how to help and guide others with peace, love and grace.  When all the others see us transform with ease it will make it easier for others.  We will never go without the universe will always provide just in a way that we are not quite use to yet.  So remember be positive and stay strong we will all get through this together. More and more of us are coming together at this time and we have one another for guidance and support.  Sending love to everywhere it is needed.

Love and Light Theresa