Starseed Therapy

Hello I am Theresa Duvauchelle with Starseed Therapy. We offer a wide range of holistic services that are unique and personalized just for you. We are here to help assist you In healing whether it be physical, mental or emotional. These services can be either purchased individually or as a bundle. Set up a free consultation to get your life on track in the most positive way possible.


We specialize in the awakening of your consciousness and alignment of your life's purpose. We also provide hypnotherapy, Reiki, holistic life coaching, bodywork, toe reading reflexology and aromatherapy. See each web page for a detailed list.


It is our business at StarSeed Therapy to make sure that each client benefits from the divine list of services that we provide. Wake up to a wonderful new you and feel the healing benefits today. 

Mission Statement

Starseed Therapy's mission is to illuminate the light you have always had within. To show each client how to heal the innermost parts of themselves and to find their life’s purpose. To inspire each client to follow their dreams and passions and know they have the ability to make them come true.

Vision Statement

At Starseed Therapy our vision is to assist clients in healing body, mind and soul. For our clients to have a positive mindset and to create the life they have always dreamed of.

Code of Ethics

I Theresa Duvauchelle as a spiritual guide and mentor am here to help you through your spiritual growth. I can pave the way for you on your spiritual journey and be a conduit along the way. You have to do the work and come into your own and find your own uniqueness. This will require self awareness, work and dedication. I will be here for you every step of the way to offer loving support, unconditional love, non Judgment, safe environment and guidance. You must observe everything around you and follow your intuition. We are always being guided by spirit so there will be signs and truths. You have to learn to come form your heart center to feel for these types of messages. I am excited that you chose me to assist you on your journey.




  1. I will always come from a place of non judgment. I feel everyone is unique and on there own spiritual path.

  2. My primary desire is to assist people and help them follow their own intuition and truth.

  3. To maintain a high level of confidentiality.

  4. The sessions always come from a place of love and at the highest good for the client.

  5. I will refrain from allowing my own beliefs, values and needs to sway the session. I will met you at your belief system and go from there.

  6. I will provide services that will help you to move forward in your spiritual growth. If something comes up beyond my scope of expertise I will do my best to refer you to a trusted specialist in that area.

  7. I will do no harm. I am here to heal and help guide you on your spiritual journey.

  8. I will provide a safe environment without any worry.

  9. I will offer abundant love and support.

  10. There will be a waiver to sign if you would like to be a part of the social media page or you can opt out.

  11. This is a professional client relationship and to respect each others boundaries.

  12. Since every client is different there is a free consultation and a price for services will be determined at that time.

  13. I provide myself with self care to be able to give you the best parts of me during our sessions.

  14. I abide by state and federal laws for the state of Arizona and California