Healing Success Stories

Kim and Bob husband and wife requested distant healing.  Bill sent me a message and stated he had nerve damage and asked if I could help him.  After I was finished I asked Bill how he felt.  He stated I cannot describe what you just did to me.  I asked him to try to describe it as best he could. He explained he was in the service and was stationed in Afghanistan. He would have flash backs and would have lots of anxiety with tons of medications to take. He said but you, you took me back there without any fear.  I stated yes I took you there with so much love and light so you could see that there is nothing to fear anymore.  I stated what I am feeling at this time if you can get past the fear and let it go you may not have the nerve damage any longer.  Fear is what keeps our illness alive you must let go of the fear.  Then I asked if his wife Kim would like to try the healing as well.  I let him know it was good for her immune system.  I checked her chakras and noticed her root chakra was closed and that has to do with back and leg pain.   I must have known on another level she was in pain.  After I finished her healing I asked how she felt.  She was amazed she stated she had severe back pain all day but as soon as I began the pain went away.    

Shawn came in for a hands on Reiki session. I was working on his shin and I felt a hitting, hitting, pushing, pushing energy.  I asked him if anything happened to his leg where I was touching him.  He stated yes I was attacked by a man with a pipe.  I could feel the energy of him being hit.  I was able to remove that negative energy out of his body. 

Tami requested a distant healing session from me.  She was complaining of burning in her stomach for 2 days and unable to eat.  I checked her chakras and her throat chakra was closed.  I called her to let her know that the healing was complete.  She stated she was lying on her back and felt a gurgling in her stomach and then it felt like a giant scoop was scooping out her stomach.  She then stated the pain was gone immediatly.

Nell requested psychic surgery.  She had pain in her foot and 15 minutes into the session she felt the issue starting to leave her body.  Within 20 minutes she stated the isue is gone I have no more pain.  "It is really gone".